Your Artwork Deserves Great Photographs
Andrzej Pitynski
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KeneK Photography

KeneK Photography specializes in art documentation: high-quality, professional photographs of artwork tailored to the client’s particular needs. We cater to artists, collectors, museums, auction houses, foundations, and estates. We use state of the art equipment and meticulously designed lighting to provide the client with accurate and striking images of their work. Superior images of an artist’s work are essential, as they often are the first impression of the artwork.
Examples of my photography
  •  Steve Tobin

    Steve Tobin

  •  Antonio Salemme

    Antonio Salemme

  •  Ayami Aoyama

    Ayami Aoyama

  •  Dana Powsner

    Dana Powsner

  •  Elizabeth Johnson

    Elizabeth Johnson

  •  Densaburou Oku

    Densaburou Oku

  •  Daniel Getz

    Daniel Getz

  •  Seward Johnson

    Seward Johnson

  •  Seward Johnson

    Seward Johnson

  •  Roberto Lugo

    Roberto Lugo

  •  Steve Tobin

    Steve Tobin

  •  Dennis Gardner

    Dennis Gardner

  •  Susan Pullman Brooks

    Susan Pullman Brooks

  •  Boaz Vaadia

    Boaz Vaadia

  •  E. Calder Powell

    E. Calder Powell

  •  Grounds For Sculputre

    Grounds For Sculputre

  •  Joyce J. Scott

    Joyce J. Scott

  •  Seward Johnson

    Seward Johnson

  •  John Newman

    John Newman

  •  Paul Henry Ramirez

    Paul Henry Ramirez

  •  Steve Tobin

    Steve Tobin

  •  Skyler Blanchard

    Skyler Blanchard

  •  James Carl

    James Carl

  •  Brian Toseland

    Brian Toseland

  •  Dana Powsner

    Dana Powsner

  •  Willi Singleton

    Willi Singleton

  •  Ned Smyth

    Ned Smyth

  •  Daniel Clayman

    Daniel Clayman

  •  Brian Gormley

    Brian Gormley

  •  Dan Minnich

    Dan Minnich

  •  Steve Tobin

    Steve Tobin

  •  Holly Brigham

    Holly Brigham

  •  Paul Matthews

    Paul Matthews

  •  Karl Stirner

    Karl Stirner

  •  Steve Tobin

    Steve Tobin

  •  Greg Nangle

    Greg Nangle

  •  Michael Rees

    Michael Rees

  •  Masayuki Koorida

    Masayuki Koorida

  •  Angela Fraleigh

    Angela Fraleigh