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KeneK Photography Pricing

Art Documentation Photography Pricing and Information

On Location Photography

with mobile studio
  • $200 first hour
  • $100 each additional hour
In-House Photography
Suitable for small/medium flats or handheld works
  • $75 per hour including setup and shooting time
Travel Fees
Locations more than 20 miles from Allentown, PA. Parking and tolls will be billed to the client
  • $75 up to 50 miles from Allentown, PA
  • $75/hr of travel for all other locations

The following items are included with all Art Documentation Photography services:

- Work will be photographed with all necessary lighting to accurately represent the piece and provide you with images that meet your needs. - A basic background or backdrop using your materials or a selection of ours, if needed. - Basic photoshopping such as standard dust removal and cropping.
The following items are not included and will be agreed upon in advance:
- An assistant – A fee of $25/hr, including travel time, will be charged if an assistant is necessary. - Custom background, materials, or equipment needed. - Extensive photoshopping needs (i.e. removal of nuisance background items, extending background, cleaning dirt off artwork) will be charged at a rate of $30/hr.
A 6% PA sales tax will be added to all of our service fees and products. For work completed out of state that states sales tax rate will apply.

How you will view and receive your images:
- In 3 – 7 days you will be sent a link to your images then you can view and download. This is your final product.
The creator of the original artwork will own the copyright to any images of their art and can share, distribute, copy, alter, publicly display and profit from them. We request that you credit Ken Ek as the photographer whenever possible.